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Ardes Cosmetici Italy

Ardes Cosmetici has reached since 1970 the avanguard of production and formulation of cosmetic products, paying a great attention to quality, natural character and production standards. The lab is build accordingly with the pharmaceutical norms.

Production and packaging are done in a controlled environment: a classified ambient 10,000, indicating the "sterilisation" degree. Besides filtering and monitoring of the ambiental air, this classifying supposes, in totality, a series of criteria that make the Ardes laboratories be fit to tjhe most restrictive pharmaceutical norms.The constant and strong objective of Ardes Cosmetici is the desire of technological improvement and innovation. Its new and modern headwarters of Busalla (Genoa) hosts all the phases of the production cycle. The company's philosophy is oriented towards researching the natural sbstances, being at the same time...

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Oana Turcu: the Career of a Successful Lady

The Iasi born Oana Turcu holds a honored 40-th place in the Top 100 of Successful Romanian Ladies, made by the "Capital" magazine. Notice that the general management of S.C. ARDES COSMETICI S.R.L. (unique importer of Ardes Cosmetici Italia for our country and also distributer for all Eastern Europe) is the first Romanian woman whose name became an international brand of cosmetic products: "Linia Oana Turcu". In the Capital Top 100 Successful Ladies (2008), Oana overrides several stars of a great notoriety, as Andreea Marin Banica, Teo Trandafir, Monica Barladeanu and others. At the same time, she's present in The Marketer Top - 33 Romanian Business Women - Hall of Fame (2007). At an age when other young ladies are still searching for their professional "ego", Oana Turcu is alrdeay a known business woman in the field of natural professional cosmetic products, being the first Romanian lady...
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ArdesBio - The First Biological Line in Romania

The ArdesBio line was born at the request of the most sensitive and careful with their own health consumers, those who believe in the plants properties wish for a return to the natural. The plants grown in a biological environment (far away of the polluting factors, untreated chemically, left to evolve in perfectly natural conditions) develope better their medicinal properties than the ones grown in usual conditions.Right for this reason, one decided the creation of a restricted line of products, to be used in the body cleaning (SHOWER GEL ORIENTAL FRUIT BIO WITH OATS AND PANSY; SHOWER GEL AFRICAN TEA BIO WITH OATS AND PANSY; INTIMATE BIO WITH OATS, PANSY AND GRAPEFRUIT SEEDS), and also in face cleaning and treating (DETERGENT AND TONIC 2 IN 1 BIO WITH OATS, COMMON BUR AND PANSY; SENSITIVE COMPLEXION BIO CREAM WITH OATS; ANTI-WRINKLES BIO CREAM WITH OATS AND PANSY). These are the first biological...
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The History of Cosmetic Products

Antique Egypt, year 4000 b.Ch.: first mention ever refering to cosmetic products. The women of a certain social position were applying on their face a green cream, of copper ore, to define their features. They were sing scented oils and painting their eyebrows with a cream obtained of sheep tallow and lead. It seems they used perfume to disguise the facial make-up smell. Ancient Egyptians were using cosmetic products based on mercury.The ingredients of the modern cosmetics are, still, a surprise for those using them: for example, the lipstick contains a jelly-like substance obtained from fish scales. This one, named "pearl essence", is obtained from the herring, being one of the many derivated products obtained from fish. The red color of the lipstick is in fact given by the carmine, resulting from crushing the shells of certain insects. Cosmetic products of external use employes in altering...

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Oana Turcu Fights for the Agriculture's Protection against O.G.M.s

Linia Oana Turcu - produced by Ardes Cosmetici Italy - joins the Greenpeace campaign.In the cosmetic products from Linia Oana Turcu, one doesn't use Organisms Genetically Modified (O.G.M.s), to protect the consumers against health hazards, to protect the bio-diversity against irreversible negative effects and to protect aliments, cosmetics and agriculture against being contaminated with genetically modified organisms.Greenpeace and Oana Turcu fight against genetic engineering, for a food and cosmetics production that respects the principles of sustenability, protects bio-diversity and guarantees people's health.Genetic engineering represents a useless and unwanted technology, that contaminates the environment, theatening the bio-diversity and the human health.Oana Turcu created in the Ardes labs in Italy the ArdesBio line, that contains organisms non-modified genetically – O.G.M.-free:...
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Stars Conquered by Ardes Cosmetici

From the local stars who were simply seduced by the Oana Turcu - Ardes Cosmetici products that they use regulary, we mention Gabi Balint (the once great soccer player from the Steaua...

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